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Maleficent Party Ideas

Can’t find Maleficent Party Supplies? Then you came to the right place!

Customize your party with our personalized Dark Fairy decorations that reflect your villainous intent.

Summon your most wicked allies to a spooky soiree with our Maleficent Party Ideas!





  • Maleficent Foil Balloons pack a decorative punch. Scatter them around your party area for villainous pops of color.
  • Cover your main table by layering Purple, Lime Green, and Black table covers. Layer them with the Lime Green on the table, then folding the Black and Purple Table Covers lengthwise, or  turning them so that the corners hang down the front of the table.
  • Use Dark Fairy Party Decorations from Moxzie, Inc. such as Door Greeters, Party Signs, Placemats, and Centerpieces  to add Maleficent-themed elements. (Don’t forget to send out Dark Fairy Personalized Invitations to herald your event!) ALL  Personalization is FREE!
  • Prop a bicycle rim on the wall behind the table to serve as a spinning wheel. Raid your closets and pull out black, purple, and lime green scarves, sheets,  and dark, sparkly costume jewelry to drape over your cake plates and other serving pieces for an eerie display.maleficent-table1
  • Don’t have a cupcake stand or cake plate? Stack your dinnerware! Bottom layer: Soup bowl. Then, stack a dinner plate, a short candle holder or coffee cup, then a breakfast plate in that order and hot glue in place. (The hot glue should peel off when you are finished with the piece.) Don’t worry if they aren’t the same colors or don’t match. You can drape a piece of your closet finds or Plastic Table Covers over them, or buy cheap tableware at a discount store and spray paint.
  • Grab glass serving pieces and fill them with Wrapped Candy and Paper Straws and let your guests serve themselves.
  • Use an old black feather boa, fake ravens from your Halloween decorations, and other dark tidbits to create your own Moors table!


  • Dragon Roasted Sandwiches: Cut the crusts off of grilled sandwiches, and cut them into fourths. Arrange the bite-size sandwiches on a platter or tray.
  • Maleficent Cupcakes: Make dark chocolate cupcakes in color coordinating baking cups. Frost them with smooth dark chocolate frosting. Unwrap a Tootsie Roll and work IMG_1039it with your fingers. As it warms up, it will become easily pliable.  Shape twisted horns with each candy and slide them into the frosting on the cupcakes. Instant creepy! For a dash of dark glamour, sprinkle black sugar sparkles on the frosting, or tamp the frosted cupcake upside down in the sugar before you add the horns.
  • Fill Black Wine Glasses with lemon-lime soda. The bubbles will look cool through the plastic glass, and goblets are always fun to drink from.

Activities and Games:

  • Spindle Races: Wind different colors of Curling Ribbon under tables, around corners, behind chairs, and thru any obstacle that the kids will fit through (the doggie door, the pass-through to the kitchen, etc.) Also, criss-cross and twist the different curling ribbons together. Give each contestant a ribbon to follow, and turn them loose at the same time! All contestants have to physically follow their ribbon and wind it into a ball as they go. The first player to make it to the end of their spindle spool wins!








  • Have a large paper bag full of candy in a visible spot at the party. Write “Candy for the Pinata” on the bag in large letters,  and use Aurora and Maleficent Value Stickers for eye-catching decoration. Have the guests all gather for a game of “Hot Potato” with a soft foam ball, like one of the splash balls you play with in the pool. (Dry, of course.) Just as the game gets going, have a “villain” dressed as the heartless King Stefan run into the party room and STEAL the bag of pinata candy! “Candy is not welcome here!!” Tell the children to throw the hot potato ball at the mean King as he runs away with the candy. Every time he gets hit with the ball, he has to throw a handful of candy to them. Make sure you have plenty of Treat Bags for your guests to gather goodies!
  • Make an Aurora laurel wreath with your guests! Make a pretty headband of ribbon, tie on pretty streamers, tulle, and ribbons, and let your guests sashay around the party like real princesses!


Birthday Direct has put together a great collection of tableware and exclusive Moxzie, Inc. decorations for a magnificent Maleficent Party! Personalization is FREE, and most orders are pulled and shipped the same day.

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