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Playful Pony Party Ideas

Playful Pony Party

Playful Pony Party Supplies are perfect for any girly girl who loves horses! Shop from the comfort of your saddle, and enjoy the convenience of having your Playful Pony Party Supplies sent right to your barn door in two shakes of a pony’s tail!

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Kick back on a bale of hay and let us tell you how to throw a barn-busting Playful Pony Party with fun Pony Party Ideas:

From plates and napkins to drink labels and cupcake wrappers, we’ve got it all!


Make Pony Tails for your chairs with Black Curling Ribbon and Shocking Pink Polka Dot Ribbon.

  • Use hot glue or a few stitches to hold the ends of several lengths of the black curling ribbon to make a “pony tail”. Wrap a single width of the pink polka dot ribbon around the back of a chair, and clip or glue the pony tail to the ribbon. Top the tail with a fat bow, and your chairs will be rearing to go! After snacks and cake, your guests can wear their “Pony Tails” around their waists for tail-swishing fun! Click here for our Pony Tail Tutorial.
Dress-Up Fun!

Dress-Up Fun!

One-of-a-kind Decoration!

One-of-a-kind Decoration!








Use Moxzie’s Playful Pony Party Decorations

Make your own Photo Booth Area


Apple Munchies

Apple Munchies

Pour a tablespoon or two of caramel syrup into the bottom of a clear punch cup or clear parfait cup and stand Granny Smith Apple Slices on their ends in the cups.  Do the same thing with ranch dip and carrot sticks. Have your snack cups match the rest of your tableware by decorating each cup with a Playful Pony Value Sticker ,and a piece of ribbon or raffia. Simple, yet satisfying munchies, and they are cute to boot!

Sweet Feed!

Sweet Feed!





Make crisp rice cereal bars and cut them into rectangles to resemble bales of hay. Tie a “rope” of red licorice or Curling Ribbon around the “bales”, and stack them on a tray.


Cupcake Corral Sign

Customize this sign with your own text. Personalization is FREE!

Bake homemade cupcakes in our girly baking cup set and top with  plastic horse favors. Surround your cupcakes with a fence made of toy building logs or small notches sticks. Place a Customizable Party Sign on the wall behind the table that says “Cupcake Corral”, and let your guests round up their own grub!

Activities and Games


  • Position 8 bottles of different colored nail polish around a piece of paper. Use a pen or a marker in the middle as a spinner. Have the girls take turn spinning. Whatever color the spinner points at, that is the color she paints one nail. Whoever has the most nail the same color gets a treat to take home.  Maybe she gets to choose a bottle of polish!


  • String glazed donuts along a heavy string or twine, and fasten the ends to two posts. (Or the porch and the fence, whatever.) Space the donuts out, and let your little pony princesses go at it. See who can finish their donut first, and give that girl a prize! The catch is the girls can’t use their hands!


  • Cut off the very top of a three liter bottle and use it as a spout to hold a balloon open. Leave about 3 inches of plastic around the spout to use as a funnel.  Stretch a balloon over the spout. Use the opening to fill the balloon with candy, toys, party favors, confetti, crayons, coins, and whatever else the kids will think is fun. Remove the spout and blow up the balloon. Give everyone a balloon to pop when they get home, or send them out to the backyard and let them pop away! (Be sure the kids have a treat bag to carry their loot if they pop the pinata at the party.) Click here for our Balloon Pops Tutorial.
Step 1.

It all fits in a 12″ balloon!

Look at all of that loot!

Look at all of that loot!









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