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Mermaid Inspired Party Ideas for Adults

Who says that mermaids are just for little girls?


Photo credit: Anne Ryan Leavitt Cavin.

We think adults should get to enjoy the theme, too! With gorgeous greens and blues and classy sea-inspired decorations, it’s no wonder mermaid-themed parties are trending right now. Whether you’re planning a bridal shower or birthday party, there are plenty of ways you can throw a mermaid-inspired party that is anything but girlish.

In this blog, we show you an example of a chic, mermaid themed party, planned and decorated by professional event planner, Anne Ryan Leavitt Cavin.



Photo credit: Anne Ryan Leavitt Cavin.

Trying to decorate an entire room can seem overwhelming, but it really only requires a few different pieces.  Anne Ryan used a combination of our balloons, flutter balls, and garland in coordinating colors  to make a bold statement in her space. Think lots of teal, purple, aqua, and blue! You could even throw in some sea foam green or white pieces.

Start by making flutter balls (or hanging tissue fans) the main element in your decorations.







72600_seafoam_crepe_streamerNext, accent with smaller pieces, like garland, pennant and flag banners, and streamers. We particularly love the teal garland used in the picture and this sea foam green streamer.

Finally, add the finishing touch with balloons. They’re a staple at any party, and when used the right way, they look elegant, not juvenile. Tie them to chairs or hang them from doorways with streams of coordinating curling ribbon.

2142-purple-latex-balloons2 2146-aqua-blue-latex-balloons2 2147-true-blue-latex-balloons2

Tableware & Buffet Ideas

Coordinating your tableware and buffet table is simple, and all it takes is the right supplies to take your tables from childish to stylish.

For your dining and buffet tables, start by adding a base layer that will streamline your decorations. Recreate Anne Ryan’s look by adding layers of sparkly tulle over a plain table or on top of a white or colored table cover.  We love this aqua blue sparkle tulle.

57246-aqua-blue-sparkle-tulle.jpg.thumb_250x250 Clear plasticware adds a classy touch to your tables. Try arranging these scalloped containers on your buffet table. Serve chips and other snacks, or fill them with colored candies and treats. You could even fill these containers with clear and colored confetti gems to make a unique centerpiece! 





Try adding flowers  in coordinating colors to your tables, like Anne Ryan did, or use under-the-sea inspired decorations like shells or starfish for a touch of sophistication. 

Serve up your scrumptious snacks on our clear plastic lunch plates and your tasty drinks in these plastic wine glasses or martini glasses!





Finally, turn your desserts in to a work of art. Bake your goodies in these vibrant cupcake liners, top with some colorful icing, then arrange on a pedestal in the middle of your buffet table.

Planning a mermaid-themed event is simple with Birthday Direct and the help of a party pro like Anne Ryan. We’ve got all the tableware, hanging decorations, and party supplies you need! So check us out, and remember that qualifying orders receive FREE shipping!


Photo credit: Anne Ryan Leavitt Cavin.

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