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Iron Man Party Planning Ideas


Get ready to party with the invincible Iron Man when you decorate with our Iron Man party planning ideas. Tony Stark is Iron Man who creates a powerful iron suit full of technological advances to combat crime and do good. As with many super hero comic book characters that take to the screen, you may find your kids asking for an Iron Man party soon enough. Birthday Direct has a great selection of Iron Man party supplies at low discount prices. Choose from a fantastic selection of Iron Man party supplies, decorations and party favors.

Party Decorating Ideas

Follow these fun and easy party decorating ideas:

  • Create cool place settings for each of your guests by layering Iron Man 2 Lunch and Dessert Plates with Classic Red and Glittering Gold Lunch and Dessert Plates
  • Hang some Iron Man 2 Dangling Cutouts from the ceiling to catch everyone’s attention
  • Set out Iron Man 2 Cups filled with small treats such as mints or chocolates for your little guests
  • Make cool drink bottle labels by printing out a “Stark Industries” logo onto a drink sleeve and wrapping it around your bottles
  • As the kids came in, I provided them with an Iron Man mask and chest piece made the chest pieces by cutting circles out of cardboard and gluing on a piece of tin foil.
  • Using poster paper and paint, create signs using popular superhero words like “POW”, “ZOOM”, “ZAP”, “KABLAM”, “BOOM” and “ZOWIE” to hang around


Party Food Ideas

Having an awesome Iron Man cake is just the beginning to your heroic party journey, we have listed some great party food ideas:

  • Muscle Burgers – Burgers filled with huge hamburger patties served with all the fixing
  • Carrot Sticks with Power Dip – cut carrot or celery up into sticks and serve it with your child’s favourite dip
  • Stark Pizza Pies – serve up your child’s favorite pizza at the party or have the kids create their own
  • Super Hero juice -  ice cubes coloured with food colour and frozen ahead of time.


Get your Iron Man Party Supplies at Birthday Direct, we  offer a large selection of Iron Man party supplies and favors.

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