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How to Make a Chicken from a Plastic Cup

Get the whole coop cackling, and give your chicks a fun party favor to take home. Learn how to make a Chicken from a plastic cup, complete with the cluck!

Whether you are scratching up some fun party favors for a farm or barn-themed party, or just looking for a little fun on a rainy Saturday afternoon, show the kids how to make a Chicken from a plastic cup, and get their gigglers going! They coordinate perfectly with the Farm Party Supplies found at Birthday Direct.


You will need:

You Will Need...

You Will Need…

Instructions: (Click on images to view full size)

1. Mark the bottom of your cup, and carefully cut two small holes with the craft knife. Make the holes just large enough for the string to go through.

Step 1: Mark and cut

Step 1: Mark and cut


2. Thread the string through the cup, and knot the ends.

Step 2: Thread

Step 2: Thread…

...and tie a knot at the end.

…and tie a knot at the end.



3. Draw half a chicken’s comb and beak on the fold of the napkin, and cut them out. Open your cutouts, and either use one layer of the decorations per cup, or glue the layers together to give more “body” to your pieces.

Step 3: Draw a comb and beak

Step 3: Draw a comb and beak


4. Hot glue the comb to the top of the cup. (It’s okay if glue gets on the string.The string does not need to be free-moving.)

Step 4: Glue the comb...

Step 4: Glue the comb… the cup.

…so that it sticks up!


5. Hot glue the beak to the cup. If you glue just the middle of the diamond shape, it will open out like a mouth.

Step 5: Glue on the beak

Step 5: Glue on the beak


6. Glue on googly eyes, or simply draw on eyes with a permanent marker. That’s just clucky! You’ve learned how to make a chicken from a plastic cup! Go You! Now…let’s make him squawk!

Step 6: Add eyes

Step 6: Add eyes

All done!

All done! Hooray!


7. To make the chicken clucking sounds, first wet the string. While pinching the string firmly, slide your fingers in jerky motions down the wet string. For younger chicks, give them a wet, wrung-out paper towel to slide down the string to avoid messy water spills.


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