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How to Make a Bee Hive Lantern

Hosting a bee-themed party or shower? Learn how to make a Bee Hive Lantern to bring some sunny cheer to your celebration! It will brighten up a child’s bedroom or nursery for years after the party is over. “Bee” sure to check out Birthday Direct’s wonderful selection of Bumble Bee Party Supplies, 1st Birthday Party Supplies, and Baby Shower Decorations, too.





…and round…








…and round…


…it goes!









To make a Bee Hive Lantern you will need:

A 10 inch yellow paper lantern
Four bee cupcake toppers
Artificial flowers (we used yellow and white daisies)
Hot glue gun
String or ribbon (if not included with the lantern)


Instructions: (Click on images to view full size)

1. Pop open the lantern, and insert the supports.
2. Pull the flower heads off of the stems. Use scissors to snip off a few leaves from the stems, too.
3. Start gluing the flowers to the top of the lantern, and let them trail down the side a bit. We used six flowers, but use as many as you like!


Add your flowers and leaves. Try not to sneeze!








4. Lift the flowers’ petals a bit, and glue the leaves underneath. (You can glue the leaves first, but the flowers help with the leaf placement.)
5. Apply dots of glue to the front and back “feet” of each bee figurine, and place them on the lantern as desired.


Glue on some bubbly bumblebees!








6. Tie some string or clear wire to the lantern’s support, and hang it wherever you want!

NOTE: If you find that your lantern tilts when you hang it, just glue another flower or bee to the other side to balance the weight. (We added a large clip-on flower. You can find these at most craft stores, or you can make your own by gluing a flower to an alligator clip.)

A flower clip makes decorating easy.

A flower clip makes decorating easy.

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