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How to Make a Balloon Pinata

How to Make a Balloon Pinata

Take your party to the next level with this silly twist on traditional party pinatas. Don’t worry…it is easier than it looks!

Seriously. It can be done!

Stuff all of this into a 12 inch latex balloon!

To make a balloon pinata, you will need:

Solid Color or Printed Latex Balloons

2-liter Bottle

Curling Ribbon

Party Favors

Stick Pins

Ruler or Stick (Optional)



(Click on images for full size)

Step 1:

Cut off the very top of a two liter bottle and use it as a spout to hold a balloon open. Leave about 3 inches of plastic around the spout to use as a funnel. Stretch a balloon over the spout.

See? That was easy!

See? That was easy…








Step 2:

Use the opening to fill the balloon with candy, toys, party favors, confetti, crayons, coins, and whatever else the kids will think is fun.

Step 2:

Start Stuffin’!

You might have a friend stretch the balloon open once it gets kind of full.


Partially blow up the balloon after a big item so it will settle to the bottom and make room for more goodies!
















Step 3:

Remove the spout, blow up the balloon, and tie the valve off.  Tie a piece of curling ribbon around the valve for hanging, and add some curlies to make it pretty.  Use a pin in hand to pop the balloon, or tape a pin to the end of a ruler for smaller kids. (It might be scary to pop a balloon close up for a little one.)


Careful….Sneak up on it….


…and Ka-POW!








Now that you know how to make a Balloon Pinata for each guest, you will be the host with the most! Be sure the kids have a colorful bag to carry their loot if they pop the pinata at the party!

Birthday Direct has TONS of Value Party Favors to cram into a Pinata Pop.  Use themed favors to coordinate with girl, boy, adventure, or princess, party supplies, or stick with classic party favors. Kids LOVE taking little surprises home from a party. Send them home with a sack full!

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