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Ladybug 1st Birthday Pink Party Ideas

We know that you want your little buggy’s 1st birthday bash to be perfect, so we’re here to help! Throw a sweet soiree that every-buggy will enjoy by using these tips and tricks! Be sure to check out Birthday Direct’s fantastic selection of Ladybug 1st Birthday Pink Party Supplies!




Decorating Ideas:IMG_4068

  • Use lavender and baby pink solid color table covers to make a dramatic backdrop behind your main table. Gather the table covers into loose pleats and hang them longways, top to bottom, in alternating colors. Include paper fans and decorations for added flair.
  • Add a personal touch and brilliant pops of color to your tables and walls with Moxzie, Inc.-designed personalized decorations. Choose from Party Signs, and Ribbon Banners for the walls, and provide party hats to decorate your guests.
  • Mix in lime green and lavender polka-dotted tableware and decorations to layer with your Ladybug 1st Birthday Pink Party Supplies.
  • Scatter dahlias, zinnias, and other big blooming flowers around the party space and tables. Create a circle of flowers around the bottom of your cupcake tiers for added effect.
  • Order the birthday girl a special t shirt that she can wear even after the party!

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Party Food and Dessert Ideas:31690-ladybug-1st-birthday-pink-dessert-plates

  • Have child-friendly foods such as peanut butter and jelly sandwich bites with the crusts cut off, pizza bites or rolls, crackers and cheese, grapes, and other small-sized snacks. Use our sweet and petite Ladybug 1st Birthday Pink Dessert Plates that are perfect for little hands and mouths.
  • Give each child a cupcake instead of a piece of cake since utensils aren’t usually being used as this age. Decorate the icing to look like a cute pink ladybug. 46975-ladybug-cake-panStripes or polka dots are just as cute (and easier, too!)
  • Create a unique smash cake for the little guest-of-honor by using one of our cake decorations. Use it at the food table before dessert as an added decoration.
  • Cake pans are easy to use and easier to decorate. Construct a pink and lavender ladybug as your smash cake with this perfect pan, or add it as a layer to the top of your rectangle, square, or circular layered cake.
  • Candles make it easy to capture party moments as you help your little girl blow out her candles. Add one candle or a set, and watch her eyes light up!


Games and Activities:37539-ladybug-1st-birthday-pink-value-sticker

  • Have a sing-along with all of the little party guests and their chaperones. Have each baby sitting in the lap of an adult in a circle on the floor. Sing easy to learn or common songs and nursery rhymes.
  • Create a room or backyard full of bubbles! Have a few bottles of bubbles or even a bubble machine and get the adults to create a bubbly wonderland! This is a fun and simple activity to do 45996-woe-bear-lady-bugand the children will love it.
  • If your event is outside or the weather is nice, decorate the sidewalk with chalk art to match with your pink ladybug theme. As an activity, bring the guests outside and let them draw on the sidewalk with pink, purple, and green chalk. Don’t forget to capture the moment of the guests making little 1-year-old masterpieces!
  • Play simple games that allow prizes to be given out. Allow some time for the guests to play with their prizes after each game.

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