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Disney’s Frozen Party Ideas

Unlock the mystery behind Royal relatives Anna and Elsa, and entertain your guests in true Disney Princess style! Create a whirlwind party adventure for your child with enchanting extras like Party backdrops, fun icy-themed snacks, and totally chill party games.


Party Decorating Ideas44149-snow-queen-personalized-party-sign-1-new

  • Create a Winter wonderland for your guests with a Snowscape Party Backdrop. Cover the floor in front of the backdrop with scrunched-up and swirled Pastel Blue and White Table Covers. Use White Sparkle Tulle to create snowdrifts.
  • Use Moxzie, Inc.’s Snow Queen Party Signs and Door Greeters to add splashes of color to your decorating. Personalization is FREE!
  • Set up a Candy Bar with Blue, Purple, Hot Pink and White candies in clear, shatter-proof plastic containers of different shapes and sizes.
  • Sprinkle Polka Dot Blue and White and Pastel Lavender Mints on table tops and around centerpieces. Trim the edges of White Tissue Fans to make snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling.
  • Bring the Frozen characters to life with SuperShape character balloons like Olaf ,Elsa, and Anna. Surround these huge foil balloons with coordinating Solid Color Latex Balloons.
  • Drape layers of white paper chains all across the party area. The kids can make these for you, and they make a BIG visual impact.

Party Food and Snack IdeasCupcake

  • Make “ice cubes” from blue gelatin jigglers and stack them on a pretty plate.
  • Stack 3 mini sugared donuts to make snowmen. Turn the top donut on its end to make a flat face. Add pretzel stick arms and mini chocolate chip eyes and buttons. Roll “carrots” from fruit leather or Starburst candy. Kids LOVE fun snacks like this.
  • Make vanilla cupcakes, frost with white icing, and “dunk” the icing down into white sugar crystals. (You can get sugar crystals at most cake or hobby stores. The crystals are bigger and more sparkly than regular white sugar.)
  • Make Snowball Soda! Rim the edge of Crystal Clear Punch Cups with white or blue colored sugar. Fill with equal parts blue fruit drink and lemon-lime soda. Top with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Party Games and Activities46661-make-your-own-olaf-stickers

Ice Painting

  •  Make a solution of equal parts water and epsom salt. Use the solution to paint designs on black construction paper. When the solution dries, it looks like ice crystals!

Snowman Building

  • Split the kids into teams of two. Give each team a scarf, hat, and three 4 inch paper “buttons” with tape on the back. Have one person on each team wrap the other in bath tissue and add the accessories to transform them into a “snowman”. Whoever is completely covered and dressed first wins a prize for their team.

In it to Win it

  • Have the kids race to see how many mini marshmallows they can stack into 3-mallow snowmen in one minute.


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