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Hear ye, hear ye! We delightfully present to you plenty of fantastic ideas for planning a memorable Disney Princess Birthday Party.  Birthday Direct can provide you with a Disney Princess birthday party with princess party games, crafts and party supplies. Everything you’ll need to create the Disney Princess party of your little girl’s dreams!

Who Are the Disney Princesses?

The Disney Princesses whom little girls adore so much are Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Snow White, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, Mulan, Merida, Pocahontas, Cinderella, and Ariel.  Who is your favorite?



  • To transform the whole party area into an enchanted castle or elegant ballroom, use a giant wall decorating kit. This wall decorating kit makes turning your party room into a palace fit for a princess easy! All of the Disney Princesses are here to wish your little royalty a Happy Birthday! Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of the birthday guests. You can even print some and have one for each guest to put in her favor bag at the end of the celebration.
  • Include a large banner on the party room wall or along the front porch. The special touch will make the day more magical!
  • If your guests are coming as their favorite Disney Princesses, you can include a white carpet leading up to the front door and a Disney Princess Door Curtain to allow each guest to have her own grand entrance.
  • Use different colored fans that represent each Disney Princess. Attach a circular princess cutout to each fan and hang above the food or dessert table.
  • Put a cute place card that has each guest’s name and chocolate candy spoon at each place setting.


Plastic Spoons

-Candy Melts

-Candy Sprinkles

-(Optional) Crepe Streamer or Ribbon for the Bow

  1. Following manufacturer’s instructions listed on the package to prepare your candy melts.
  2. Fill your plastic spoons with melted candy and gently tap on a hard surface to level your candy and release any air bubbles.
  3. Top off with candy sprinkles before the candy melts solidify.
  4. Decorate your spoons with bows or ribbons to match your Disney Princess Party theme. For our example, we took crepe streamer, folded it in half twice, then tied in a pretty bow around the spoon.



  • Your cake has to be the ultimate center of attention. Make yours big and beautiful with one of our cake kits or cake pans! Birthday Direct has an awesome Disney Princess Castle Cake Decorating Kit. This cake kit will add style and fun to your princess cake. Remember: The easiest way to cut a cake precisely is with dental floss.54025-disney-princess-jelly-belly
  • Make pink princess punch by using: pineapple juice, pink lemonade,  ginger ale or sprite, and a small amount of water. Remember to freeze the juices and add the carbonated drinks last. What a tasty, bubbly beverage to fill your princess with delight. If you’d rather serve milk, you can use strawberry or add a small amount of red food coloring to regular milk to turn it princess pink!
  • Have a dessert or treat from every Disney Princess:
    • Cinderella’s Princess Cookies
    • Mulan’s Moon Pies
    • Rapunzel’s Red Vines
    • Aurora’s True Love Kisses
    • Snow White’s Sweet Gems
    • Ariel’s Candy Pearls



  • Princess Trivia: If you’ve got a celebrity princess appearance set up, let her ask questions to the guests about the different princess movies. Let each guest have a turn to answer, and give them a prize afterwards.
  • Royal Dress-up and Makeovers: Have someone at the party give each guest a fun makeover. 30620-disney-princess-tiarasHave them paint faces, apply makeup to match the guest’s gown, and add a tiara as the finishing touch.
  • Dance Party: Give each guest bubbles, wand streamers, plastic microphones, and other “props”. Play upbeat songs from the different princess movies and let them have fun dancing and interacting with the other guests.


Party Tips


Castle Favor Boxes

Get your Disney Princess Party at Birthday Direct, we  offer a large selection of party supplies and favors.


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