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Cupcake Party Planning Ideas

If it’s a sweet tooth you’re trying to satisfy, then Cupcake Party is the pattern for you. This theme features a multi-colored dotted pattern and delicious cupcakes scattered across the tableware and decorations. We’ve even got sweet favors to send home with the guests! So check out our Cupcake Party Planning Ideas, and don’t forget to take advantage of Birthday Direct’s FREE shipping offer.

 Party Decoration Ideas

Pile high your cupcakes with a pedestal!

Cupcakes galore! Follow these tips to incorporate the theme into all parts of your party area!


Party Food Ideas

Continue the cupcake theme even with your snacks and appetizers! Here are some snacks you could bake in cupcake wrappers and serve:

  • Mac & Cheese
  • Mini Lasagne Cupcakes
  • Mini Taco Cupcakes
  • Mini Corn Dog Cupcakes
  • Deep Dish Pizza Cupcakes

Set up a cupcake decorating station and let the children get creative. Use a muffin tin or treat cups to hold the toppings, like sprinkles, candies, and edible pearls!  We’ve got your baking needs covered, with plenty of options in cupcake liners and more sturdy cupcake wrappers!


Party Game Ideas

Pin the Candle on the Cupcake

  • Make a large cupcake out of poster board and cut out candles and put double stick tape on the back of each one.
  • Or, you could draw a little boy or girl on poster board and see which guest succeeds in placing a cupcake wall sticker in his/her mouth.

Cupcake Treasure Hunt

  • The kids must find all the decorations that go onto cupcakes. Hide things like marshmallows, candy pieces, sprinkles, edible pearls, and icing (in containers, obviously.) Once the kids have gathered all of the decorations, have them decorate cupcakes!

Guess the Number

  • Fill a clear container with mini cupcake liners and have each guest guess how many liners are in the container. The closest guess wins!

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