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Cupcake Party Planning Ideas


Have a party that’s sweet enough to eat with these  Cupcake Party planning ideas.  Your daughter and all of her guests will love seeing cute cupcakes on all of the tableware, decorations, and favors as well. Birthday Direct has a cute  Cupcake Party pattern that features an adorable multi-colored polka dot pattern, decorated with cute and colorful cupcakes. So be sure to order plenty, and while you’re checking out be sure to take advantage of the FREE shipping offer.

Party Decorating Ideas

Have a sweet and savvy Cupcake party with our fun and fast tips.

  • For the cake table use a brown tablecloth and lay across the table (cupcake). On top of that lay a smaller pink tablecloth (frosting) and then sprinkle confetti or sequins on top for the sprinkles.
  • Take a cupcake pedestal and flip it so the part with the biggest opening is facing up. Wrap a waffle cone in wax paper or a solid color napkin. Put one scoop of ice cream in each cone and place them in front of each guest once they are done with the main course.
  • Fill cups with colored gum balls and tie blowouts with curling ribbon.
  • Hang dangling cutouts on the wall behind the table for even more decoration and style.
  • Place up to 48 cupcakes on a 3-Tier Round Treat Tree that you ordered from Birthday Direct. On each tier, place a solid color napkin that is cut to size to add extra flair.

Party Food Ideas

Of course cupcakes will be central to your party menu. But you may also want to consider a few of these food ideas as well:

  • mini brownies
  • cookies
  • small fruits
  • crackers
  • cheese cubes

Set up a cupcake decorating station and let the children decorate cupcakes. Set up bowls full of sprinkles, candies and writing gel. Have fun seeing all the crazy combinations.

Party Game Ideas

  • Pin the Candle on the Cupcake – Played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Make a large cupcake out of poster board and cut out candles and put double stick tape on the back of each one.
  • Cupcake Treasure Hunt – the kids must find all of the ingredients to make a cupcake, such as flour, sugar, and eggs. Once the kids have gathered all of their found ingredients, have them decorate the ready-made cupcakes.
  • Sprinkle Relay Race – using very large jelly beans place a container filled with an equal amount of candies. Divide the guests into two teams and have them line up behind a start mark. Place another container far away from the start mark. Give the first player on each team a wooden spoon and have them balance as many “sprinkles” as they can on the spoon while running to the opposite container. If they drop any they have to bring them all back to the start and place them in the start container. Then first team with all of their “sprinkles” in the opposite container wins.


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