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1st Birthday Zoo Party Planning Ideas

Celebrate your little animal’s first birthday with these 1st Birthday Zoo party planning ideas. If your sweet little boy loves lions, elephants, and monkeys then these 1st Birthday Zoo Party Supplies are the right choice. Loaded with adorable fun loving baby zoo animals this theme is sure to please the big and the small. Birthday Direct has a large selection of party supplies, decorations, and favors for you to plan the perfect 1st Birthday Zoo bash.




Party Planning Tips

Realistically, one year old parties are for the grown-ups to celebrate. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Keep the party short 1 to 1-1/12 hours is about the most a one year old can handle without getting over stimulated and possibly cranky.
  • Schedule around nap times. Late morning, allows for  a morning nap or late afternoon to allow for an  afternoon nap.
  • Baby-proof the party space.

Party Food Ideas

One-year-olds who are just getting started with finger foods love feeding themselves and parents enjoy the distraction. Here are a few snack ideas that will go along great with you party:

  • Puffed cereal
  • Cheese-flavored crackers
  • Animal crackers
  • It’s a good idea to have water, milk, and diluted fruit juices
  • Don’t forget a wonderful birthday cake. Some parents like to have a small separate cake for the birthday baby — this way she can smash into it to her heart’s content.

Party Game Ideas

Here are some game ideas that adults can enjoy. That is, if they are a playful bunch! When children are attending your party, traditional party games can be played.

  • Take a Guess – Fill a jar with dry Cheerios cereal. You’ll need to count the cereal before placing it in the jar. Every guest will write their name on a piece of paper and make their guess as to how many pieces of cereal there are in the jar. Closest guess wins a prize.
  • Baby Portrait Time – Give every guest some crayons, paper and a hard surface, or play at a table. Hold your baby where everyone can see him/her. When you say “Go” players have 30 seconds to draw the baby. When the time is up, pass drawing to the person next to them. Say, “GO” draw again. Keep this going for several rounds,the pictures are quite entertaining.
  • Messages to Baby – Before the party, decorate a plastic shoebox container. Provide pen and paper. Encourage your family and friends to write special notes for your child to read when they get older.

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