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1st birthdays are a huge milestone, and we know you want to throw the perfect party for your little one. Deciding on a theme can be hard; there’s just too many options! Why not try a zoo party theme? The soft colors and smiling faces in this animal pattern represent what childhood is all about. We’ve laid out below some planning ideas and key pieces to have at your party. And with the discounted prices that Birthday Directs offers, you can afford to go wild with the decorations, supplies, and favors!


Party Planning Tips

Everybody knows that first birthday parties are actually for the grown-ups. It’s a perfect opportunity to gather your closest friends and family to dote on your precious child. Here are some tips to ensure your party is a success!

  • Keep the party short, around 1 to 2 hours. Any longer, and you risk your baby becoming tired or cranky.
  • Schedule around your baby’s nap times.
  • Baby-proof the party area.
  • Don’t get so caught up in capturing every moment, that you forget to enjoy the party!
  • Consider having a smaller birthday cake just for your baby and a larger one for the guests to enjoy.

Party Supplies

Obviously, tableware is essential. Birthday Direct has an adorable zoo pattern in plates, napkins, and cups. We’ve even created a coordinating plate and napkin set in solid colors to extend your budget and make decorating simple!









In addition to these essentials, consider supplies that will come in handy and look good at the same time. For example, a table cover may not be on your “must-have” list,  but it will protect surfaces, and make clean-up so much easier! Or, if a table cover isn’t your style, you could have placemats for the table. Since you can customize these, they add a personal touch while protecting your surfaces!


Party posters can be used above the food table or the present table. Customize (for free!) with witty phrases!

Birthday Direct has even created a door greeter that is suited perfectly to letting your guests know that they have arrived to the party. You could even hang one on the mailbox with some animal balloons!

We also designed a coordinating solid-color curling ribbon, crepe streamer, and balloon set to add visual height and color to your walls and party space.

Photo Backdrop

A 1st birthday party is sure to be a documented event, so why not set up a background for the photos! You can place your child’s high chair in front of it so you have a spectacular backdrop as he smashes into his first piece of cake. Use balloons, streamers, and hanging signs to fill the space. Put him front and center with this high-chair kit, which comes with a floor mat, banner, and plastic bib88739-1st-birthday-zoo-highchair-kit!

Birthday Direct also offers a great selection of 1st birthday accessories, like bibs and hats.








Last, but not least, it’s time to think about party favors. Simple touches can let your guests know that you appreciate them coming to your party. Treat bags are an easy way to thank your guests. Simply fill them with candy, small presents, or baked goods and you’re done! Check out the Zoo Party treat bags we have below.

Or, if you are on a limited budget, skip the party favors and send the guests thank you notes instead. Be extra thoughtful by slipping in a candid or group photo from the party so the guests will remember just how great of a time they had. Birthday Direct offers personalized thank you notes as well.

If you really want to go the extra mile, send home the children from the party with a stuffed animal. Not only does this fit your theme, it will be a token that the kids will adore!









Get your 1st Birthday Zoo Party Supplies at Birthday Direct, where we offer a large selection of tableware, decorations, and favors. 


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