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Bumble Bee Baby Shower Ideas

Throw a shower everyone will be buzzing about with a Bumble Bee themed baby shower! The color scheme offers a unique twist to humdrum pink and blue decorations, and the gender-neutral colors are perfect for a reveal party. Coordinating even the smallest details is easy with the selection of tableware and decorations Birthday Direct offers, and is what makes party-planning fun!

Throwing a shower, whether for a friend or on your own, can be stressful; but it doesn’t have to be! With a bumble bee theme, you have a simple color scheme to stick to, and with a little creativity, you can easily coordinate your decorations.  Let’s start with the basics: tableware.


Plates, napkins, and cups are essentials at your shower, and mix and matching  patterned and solid colored tableware will make an impact. If the shower is intimate, put in a bit more effort with your place settings.  Create bold ones by layering lunch plates, dessert plates, and napkins, and finishing off with a cup to the side. If you’ve got a larger group, save your creative ideas for the buffet table. The products below are functional and visually appealing!










Having enough cutlery on hand is important and we made it easy with our yellow 8 piece setting that matches the plates and napkins.  A table cover not only pulls together all of your decorations, it also protects surfaces and makes clean-up a breeze!

Food Buffet

Now that you have your essentials covered, dressing up the food table is the next step for your shower. Try filling tall glass jars with striped paper straws  or with  colorful candies and placing on the table. Add a playful touch by scattering tissue sunflowers and confetti along the table! 

Make typical party foods fit the theme by adding honey!  You could serve chicken fingers with honey mustard, have honey-glazed nuts to snack on, or divide up honey buns into bite-size portions for the dessert table.

Coordinating food with the color scheme is easy, too!   Lemonade’s sunny hue will blend right in, and adding food coloring to icing will make your desserts pop!  Try cake pops, white chocolate pretzel sticks, bee-shaped cookies,  or cupcakes in tones of yellow and gold!  Bake cupcakes in coordinating cupcake liners, and set up a cupcake display in the middle of your table. We love the idea of placing them on these doilies so they pop against the table cover.


Add visual height to your party by incorporating balloons, lanterns, and customizable party banners! You could say “Momma to Bee” or “What’ll It Bee?” for a gender reveal party; or hang the banner behind the dessert table and say “Sweet Treats”.

A fun and practical decoration to set out on tables are these adorable Bumble Bee Diaper Cakes, which come with 23 premium diapers and an adorable stuffed bear!

Creating a bee hive lantern is super easy, and will look great hanging behind tables. Find the tutorial here
















To wrap up the shower, send the guests home with a little token to show your gratitude. Arrange a basket of  jars filled with honey for a sweet touch! Or, you could fill treat bags (in coordinating colors) with small treats, like chocolate candies and nuts, and pass one out to each guest!



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Doc McStuffins Party Ideas

The Doc is in! Join Dottie McStuffins and her fuzzy crew, Lambie, Stuffy, Chilly, and Hallie as they take care of their toy friends at your get-better get-together. Include extras like Doc McStuffins Party Supplies, fun doctor-themed snacks, and health-giving party games. Use our tips and tricks to create the perfect birthday bash with Birthday Direct.

IMG_0654 edited

Decoration Ideas

  •  Create the perfect party space with aqua, purple, lime green, and pink paper fans, lanterns, and other tissue decorations. Hang them from the ceiling at different levels to create an amazing display. You can even make extravagant scenes at the food table, above the dining table, or at activity stations. The great thing about these decorations is that they’re 100% reusable!
  • If your party is at a residence, you can decorate the front porch to welcome your little doctors-in-training with large banners, door greeters, and other party posters.
  • Add balloon flowers to your party space or front porch by tying latex balloons together in coordinating colors.
    • Tie 5 latex balloons of the same color together using the same color curling ribbon.
    • Don’t use helium if you would like them to hang from the ceiling. Use helium if you would like to tape them to the floor behind the party food table or other party stations. Tip: place a marble in one of the balloons before you blow it up if you’re hanging them from the ceiling and tie the string on42055-doc-mcstuffins-coordinating-latex-balloon-set-(32) the opposite side of the balloon with the marble. Adding this creates a little bit of weight so that the wind won’t blow them around.
    • Tie a different colored 6th latex balloon in the center of the others to make the middle floral piece.
    • Tie a knot between two of the “flower petal” balloons and either tape to the floor or hang from the ceiling. Tie your other balloon flowers using curling ribbon at different lengths to add flair and to fill up empty backdrop space.
  • Make your party space feel as if you really are in a toy hospital. Set up different stations for your guests to play. Have the first station near the entrance of the party and let your guests sign in. Hang a paper fan at each station with a numbered cutout attached to it. Your guests can make their way through the party by following the stations and completing the games.


Party Food and Desserts42031-birthday-doctor-drink-labels

  • Serve tart and sweet pink lemonade as a refreshing beverage at your party that perfectly matches the theme, too! Hand the drinks out in sweet Doc McStuffins Cups and add a paper straw for flair.
  • Have Stuffing Sandwiches and serve pb&j’s as well as ham and cheese sandwiches. For a healthy side dish, you can give them Chilly Noses and include a vegetable tray filled with carrots and other veggies as well as hummus or ranch.46670-doc-mcstuffins-rings
  • Create a cake masterpiece and display it as the main focus of your dessert table. Make a two or three tier cake and cover with light pink, lavender, or white fondant. Buttercream icing works the same, but is spreadable. Apply a Doc McStuffins Edible Image Cake Decoration to the top tier and insert a birthday candle around the edge of one side.
  • Design a doctor inspired dessert table filled with Lambie Nose Marshmallows, Toy Stuffing Cotton Candy, Hershey Kisses for Boo-Boo’s, Chocolate or Vanilla Shots, Nutter Butter Band-Aids, Doc McStuffin’s Pharmacy Medicine Tic Tacs, and more! Display everything in glass containers, tiered cake stands, or in baskets. Give each guest a Doc McStuffins Treat Bag to fill and take home with them!40328-doc-mcstuffins-treat-bags
  • Make chocolate covered pretzel thermometers and serve them in a large, standing glass jar. Attach a coordinating cutout with the name of the treat on it.
    • Melt a sizable block of white chocolate either in the microwave or on the stove top.
    • Create pink colored chocolate by adding 4 – 6 drops of red food coloring once melted.
    • Dip each large pretzel stick into the chocolate, covering 3/4 of it. Lay the pretzel on wax paper to harden.
    • Once hardened, draw a lavender line straight up the pretzel and stop where the chocolate was stopped with a colored icing tube. Make horizontal tick marks across the vertical line. Draw a circle at the bottom of the pretzel. Place in the refrigerator to allow the icing to harden.


Games and Activities50836-doctors-head-mirror-activity

  • Pin the Tail on Lambie - Enlarge a photo of Doc McStuffin’s lovable pal, Lambie, and cut out different colored puff ball tails. Tie a pink or purple bandana around each guest’s eyes when it’s his or her turn, and allow them to try to put their puff ball on Lambie’s tail. The closest wins! Reward the winner with a prize, and give everyone a small prize for playing the game.
  • Doctor Dress Up - Have a station set up with lab coats made from white pocket t shirts that have been cut down the middle, doctor head mirrors, stethoscopes made from children’s headbands and ribbons, and other items that they might need. Allow them to get dressed and take a cute picture before the other activities begin.
  • Save the Teddy - Lead the guests to a station with sick teddy bears. Give each guest a mini clipboard with a checklist telling them to “Check His Heartbeat,” 52841-bartholomew-bear-aurora“Bandage His Funny-Bone,” “Give Him a Band Aid,” and other simple tasks. Once their teddy is all bandaged up and feeling better, let the guests know that they can take him home to monitor his health and keep him forever. Give them each a sticker to write their new bear’s name on, and let them put it on his heart so he doesn’t get lost or mixed up.
  • Waiting Games - Before the party when you’re waiting on all of the guests to arrive or when you’re waiting on all of the guests to be picked up once the celebration has ended, give the guests something to do like a word search, bingo, or puzzle to complete.



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